Tax Filing

Why You Should File ALL Returns Electronically and How QuickBooks Can Help

As a business owner, filing your tax returns can be a burdensome process. While the last thing you probably want to do is learn a new system to file your returns, it just might be the key to streamlining the filing process and accurately maintaining your data entry. Filing your returns electronically has many benefits, and there are a variety of software options out there to help get the job done. We’re partial to QuickBooks due to the platform’s ability to pull relevant information straight from your financial reports and file your returns from one location….

Why You Should be Considering Next Year's Filing Status Now

Filing your tax return often involves recording and entering a lot of information about your life and your earnings. If you’re someone who dreads sitting down and getting it all done, you might benefit from shifting your mindset. Instead of thinking of tax time as a few months out of the year, consider viewing your taxes as a part of your finances that can evolve and change at any time. One such area that’s often subject to change, is your filing status…

Wayfair and the State Sales Tax Landscape

When South Dakota v. Wayfair was passed in June of 2018, states jumped on the chance to collect sales tax from eCommerce businesses and other remote sellers. However, one year later, much is still unclear about how states should enforce new laws and guidelines associated with the Supreme Court decision…

Why QuickBooks?

Whether you’re a small business owner or handling the bookkeeping for a larger organization, you understand firsthand the importance of maintaining accurate, detailed, and up-to-date financials. There are many software options to choose from to help you achieve accuracy, but not all of them boast the reputation and wide-usage of QuickBooks Online by Intuit…..