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Blaine Adams, CPA, Founding Principal

Blaine conceived Adams Consulting, LLC to move the industry forward through better work and better relationships. He’s managed roles in governmental accounting and finance, public accounting, executive management, and maintains involvement with various entrepreneurial and nonprofit endeavors.


Genevieve Schoepke, Associate

Genevieve functions as a cornerstone of our organization, managing the continuing education and execution of all bookkeeping services, and shaping strategy with management and firm partners. She’s the most organized and diligent individual we know.

Allison Piper Geber, Research Associate

Allison serves as a consultant to management on strategy and culture. She also functions as an incentives and planning research associate who contributes to client work by digging into the ways clients can better their financial positions. The scope of her knowledge and the dynamism in her background are indispensable.